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  • 当前位置: shoasis图书馆 > 上网 > 高二英语第四课的重点短语足球365bet打水_365bet足球贴吧_365bet足球赛事汇总 高二英语重点短语

    高二英语第四课的重点短语足球365bet打水_365bet足球贴吧_365bet足球赛事汇总 高二英语重点短语

    时间:2019-02-20 00:05:38 来源:shoasis图书馆 本文已影响

      i. phrases

      1. be curious about 对……感到好奇

      2.be to do 必将 / 将要 / 应该

      3.go out on a story 外出采访

      4. on one’s own 独自,*自己

      of one’s own 自己的……

      5. concentrate on 集中精力于……

      6. be of interest = be interesting 有趣的

      7. bring …with … 随身携带

      8. have a nose for… 对……非常敏感

      9. depend on 依赖

      10. a trick of the trade 职业诀窍

      11. accuse sb. of sth.= charge sb. with sth. 指控某人做某事

      12. so as to do sth.(句中) 为了……

      13. be supposed to have done 理应当 / 被认为做过某事

      14. look forward to (doing) sth. 盼望做某事

      15. be eager to do sth. /for sth. 渴望做……/……

      16. get the wrong end of the stick 完全搞错了

      17. tell the whole truth 说出全部真相

      18. ahead of 在……前头

      19. set (out)to do/ set about doing 着手做某事

      20. pass… on to… 把……传递给……

      21. make an appointment with sb. 与某人约会,预约

      22. polish the style 润色语言风格

      23. be / get absorbed in 专心于,集中精力于

      24. in turn 依次,逐个地

      25. defend…against… 为某人辩护

      26. note down 记下

      27.cover sth. / interview sb.报道某事 / 采访某人

      28. do some research on… 对……做调查

      29. work on 从事

      30. last of all 最后

      31. on purpose / by accident 故意地 / 偶然,意外地

      32. arrange an interview (with sb. )安排采访

      33. stick to 坚持

      34. a rather than b a而不是b

      35. account for 解释

      36. through sb.’s analysis 通过某人的分析

      ii. sentences:

      1. (倒装)never will zy forget his first assignment at the office of china daily.


      2.(倒装)only when you have seen what he or she does, can you cover a story by yourself.

      3. ( there’s ) no need for a camera ! 没必要带相机。

      4.(倒装)not only am i interested in photography, but i took a course at university, so it’s actually of special interest to me.


      5.this is how the story goes. 事情是这样的。

      6.have you ever had a case where somebody accused your reporters of getting the wrong end of the stick?














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